Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WWII Special Ops Training Tip - Defending the Strangle-hold

Compiled from authentic documents originally issued by the British SOE and American OSS, Special Ops 1939-1945: A Manual of Cover Warfare and Training provides insight into the training and techniques of Allied agents operating behind enemy lines during World War II. Today's lesson: defending the strangle-hold.

You are seized by the throat as in Fig. 23.  

1. Seize your opponent's right elbow with your left hand from underneath, your thumb to the right.

2. Reach over his arms and seize his right wrist with your right hand (Fig. 24).

3. Apply pressure on his left arm with your right, at the same time with a circular upward motion of your left hand, force his elbow towards your right side. This will break his hold of your throat and put him off balance (Fig. 25).

4. Keeping a firm grip with both hands, turn rapidly towards your right-hand side bringing your right leg to your right rear. Follow with edge of hand blow on his elbow (Fig. 26).

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