Friday, October 15, 2010

Heart for the Fight sweepstakes winners!

Congratulations to our Heart for the Fight sweepstakes winners! The following entrants have won and author-signed copy of Brian Stann's inspiring new memoir:

• Paul Doerwang
• Chad Rhoades
• Robert Thomas
• Crystal Rainville
• Derek Phillipe
• Anthony Pope
• Peter Godin
• Monica Ness
• Nic Letresse
• Tony Fleming

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  1. Outstanding book, well written, about an amazing man and his courage and character

  2. This book tells a story of a boy who grew into a man, facing challenges, decisions and loss. In telling his story, he told the story of many. It makes you aware of the sacrifices that are being made for our freedom every day. This book should be mandatory reading for everyone.

  3. I read this book and alternately laughed and cried. An excellent read for those interested in military academies, the Iraq War or the world of mixed martial arts. Anyone who has served in the military will appreciate the personal responsibility that Brian Stann felt to get his men home safely. His passion for his country, his men and his family is evident and we can only hope others in his generation share his commitment and passion! This is a great read!

  4. This is a tremendous read. I highly recommend.

  5. What a read. It goes in directions you don't expect. The battles and fights are very descriptive and he puts you right in the middle of the decision process and then makes you experience the results.