Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Release - Voices of the Bulge (Book/DVD)

While many books have been written on the Battle of the Bulge, few, if any, have been able to respectfully and compellingly capture both sides of the conflict equally. Until now.

After more than twelve years of research and interviews, historians Michael Collins and Martin King have produced
Voices of the Bulge: Untold Stories from Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge (now available), a gripping oral history and documentary film of the battle that shifted the momentum of World War II. 

Told through numerous first-person accounts taken from the authors’ interviews of American officers and enlisted personnel who successfully repelled the German attack with their courage and blood, the story of the American struggle is uniquely and vividly portrayed in. To provide a well-rounded perspective, however, German veterans, including SS soldiers, were also interviewed by the authors after decades of silence. This incredibly rare and complete perspective of events gives Voices of the Bulge a unique place among histories of this crucial campaign.

Complete with a DVD of Collins and King’s documentary of the same name, Voices of the Bulge is a fitting tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to those veterans who persevered to finally tell their stories.

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