Thursday, September 16, 2010

Military Snapshots - One tank down for the 1/1 Cav

With a legacy as one of the most battle-honored units in the U.S. Army's history, the 1/1 Cavalry squadron was at its best during 1967–1968, at the height of General Westmoreland’s war of attrition against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. Soldiers in the squadron earned a Medal of Honor, four Distinguished Service Crosses, and thousands of Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, and Purple Hearts during savage battles in places like Tam Ky, the Que Son Valley, the Pineapple Forest, Hill 34, Cigar Island, and Tien Phuoc. In this photo, platoon Sergeant Boyd’s badly damaged tank, A-15, being loaded onto a Dragon Wagon by two M-88s, March 1968. Photo courtesy of John Guzik, from Search and Destroy: The Story of an Armored Cavalry Squadron in Vietnam: 1-1 Cav, 1967–1968 by Keith Nolan.

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