Monday, June 28, 2010

New Release - Tales from a Tin Can

by Michael Keith Olson

Pearl Harbor…Midway…Guadalcanal…Guam…Philippine Islands… Okinawa…Japan.

The journey, like the story, of the USS Dale and its sailors is one unlike any other American naval vessel during World War II. As one of the few ships to receive little or no damage during the raid on Pearl Harbor, the Dale survived the entire length of the war largely unscathed and, amazingly, without losing a single crewman to enemy fire. The success of the Dale and her crew, however, was not just a testament to dumb luck. It was also a shining example of determination, duty, and the bonds of soldiers placed together in the belly of war.

Written in the words of those who ate, slept, and fought aboard the USS Dale, Tales from a Tin Can tells the complete story of the ship and her crew from the morning of December 7, 1941 to America’s Pacific Offensive to the Japanese surrender in August of 1945. Author Michael Olson, son of former Dale crewman Robert “Pat” Olson, makes use of extensive research and numerous interviews to piece together the first oral history of a combat ship from the beginning to the end of the U.S. involvement in the war.

With vivid recollections that are equal parts gripping, heart-wrenching, and humorous, Tales from a Tin Can places you onboard the decks of this work-a-day destroyer, providing a complete picture of life on the turbulent waves of war.

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